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Introduction to Change news NPC

South Africa as a democracy has achieved much since 1994. But in spite of it all we’re still dealing with inequality, unemployment, poverty, crime, corruption etc. it seems that progress is slow and not at the pace we envisaged when we crafted the NDP and Vision 2030.

This is hardly an environment that caters to strong socio-economic development. Despite this negative outlook, South Africans are still positive about their future, and this is demonstrated through the good news stories that are happening on the ground. The question is, how can we leverage this to accelerate socio economic development?

Change NEWS NPC (2017/175683/08) has positioned itself as not just a platform to tell these good news stories, but as an agent and catalyst for true transformation and change. How do we achieve this? We recognize the concerted effort by the public ,private sector, non-profits social enterprises and academia, community role models, iconic thought leaders, volunteers, people with passion for life in contributing positively towards this change. Within all of this change there are nuggets of social innovations and pockets of excellence across multiple sectors. Change news NPC aims to seek out these social innovations with the express intent of not just showcasing these good news stories but to understand how they came about, what made them successful, what is their impact, can it be replicated, can we scale. And we do all of this at no cost to these organisations and people!

A core part of the platform is the change news index that measures the impact of the stories. Our ambition is to scale our mission and purpose , but like the very people we serve , we face the same challenges and that is the ability to sustain ourselves in the long term. The development of our sustainability strategy has addressed this problem through the adoption of a hybrid business model with the creation of our social enterprise called Empower.

The Change News portal has been highly successful in showcasing the good work that organizations, public and private sector have generated through social innovation. Through our platform we have delivered inspiring and uplifting stories

We would like to engage you in forging a potential future partnership with us and cordially invite you to come and visit us. If you looking for a “Game Changing”, high energy organisation that is disrupting the current paradigm of thinking as it relates to socio-economic development, then we suggest you take us up on our offer.

Submit your Change news by emailing: ourstory@changenews.co.za

Glenda Bhana

Executive Director

We support the sustainable development goals